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Crazy Scientist

Henry is a deranged crazy doctor who has been trying to resurrect the walking dead from his laboratory tucked away in an old abandoned coal factory…

Demon Barber

London, year 1888. Your team is a group of detectives that are here to investigate the string of crimes known to have been taken place on the East End area, and that might or might not be connected. The legends are terrifying, and you already have a suspect, but you need now to take it to the crime scene to gather enough evidence to put him in jail once and for all.

Mysterious Castle

You were on a vacation with your family and friends in a lovely log cabin tucked away deep in the forest, miles away from the nearest soul…

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CyberQ - Escape rooms Worcestershire

Escape rooms is thrilling and fun interactive live escape game for groups of 2-6 people of all ages. Players will have a total of 60 minutes to escape the room by solving mind challenging logic problems, finding secretly hidden objects and figuring out challenging passwords/codes in order to work out the clues and get out the room. It’s a challenging and unique experience that is completely different to your conventional games and which is a whole lot of fun and perfect for friends, family and team building. We can provide for stag do’s, hen parties, corporate events, team building and are more than happy to accommodate for individual requests where needed. Our live escape game does not require any physical activity and located on a ground floor level and all of our puzzles and padlocks are set within reachable distance without having to crouch down or climb anything. So what are you waiting for? Can you get out the room?


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