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November 2, 2017 Cyber Q

Operation Deluge is now live!!

New Escape Room. Operation Deluge is now live!!

CyberQ are well on the way to becoming the best escape rooms in the uk with a brand new room opening it’s doors to players this week! 

So how do we turn an empty room into an escape room? Take a look at our progress pics!

 Escape rooms worcestershire

The build went well and after some slight delays with suppliers, we now have a real life arc right here in Worcester!

Operation Deluge is rated as HARD and will offer experienced escape room players with an added challenge. Will you stop the bomb in time?

In this game, Interpol receives a worrying call from a man called Noah. He tells them that the biggest dams in the world are wired with explosives as he wants to punish mankind by flooding their towns and cities however, he’s decided to give people a chance!

He’s built an ark and inside, there is a hidden way to deactivate the explosives. You will play as Interpol’s top agents. You will get into the ark and you will have just 60 minutes to stop the countdown. Will you succeed?

The trial games have been completed and after a few slight game changes, we have now opened our doors (and our booking calendars) to members of the public. Be one of the first to play Operation Deluge and get your names on our leaderboard!! This game is a CHALLENGE and you’ll need a strong team around you to accomplish this escape room.

BOOK NOW to see if you can save mankind from Noah’s floods!


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