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How it works?

Make a booking for any time on any day and receive a unique link to our virtual 360° rooms via email. The time and date you book for is irrelevant, you will receive your game link straight away and can play any time that suits you and your team mates.

The link has no expiry date however, once you click the game link, you will have 24 hours to complete the game. It is possible to leave and come back to it at any point in that 24 hours.

Once every team member is ready, share the game link so they can gain access too. Once the game has started, anyone who joins in will join you at the point that you’ve got up to. You will only be playing with your own family and friends, you won’t be playing with strangers and the link will work on up to 6 devices.

You can play on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Please Note: Several features won’t be visible on mobile devices, therefore we recommend playing on a desktop or laptop.