BIOwolf is a top secret military project. It was set up to formulate an injection that creates super soldiers. Due to the stringent and experimental nature of the program, records show that BIOwolf experienced a number of problems caused by physical and mental enhancements the drug provided. Symptoms included chronic headaches, consistent fatigue and sensitivity to bright lights. Seven days after receiving the experimental drug, the subject died. You have been kidnapped by Professor Henry. He knows what caused the problem and wants to continue his experiment on new subjects. You have 60 minutes to escape the room before becoming his next victims. Please note that this game contains some violent scenes and it is only suitable for players aged 14+. Please do not play if you are sensitive to light or if you suffer from epilepsy. We do not recommend this game for anyone who is pregnant.

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PLAYERS – 2-6 (we would recommend at least 3 players)
This game is rated 4/5 for difficulty. The game is not adjustable. It is an ideal first timer’s game as you are able to really grasp the live escape room concept.
HINT TYPE – Radios (walkie talkie)
TYPE – Linear (There is a pattern between puzzles)
AGE – 14+
GENRE – Horror, Science Thriller


This live escape game is located on the ground floor and is easily accessible. There are no physical requirements or physical activities included in this game such as climbing, crawling or lifting so this is suitable for everyone. Please contact a member of staff regarding any special requirements relating to disabilities and we’ll be happy to accomodate.


This game has got two alternative escape routes. We will only find out which one you choose after you escape! To escape the room, players must have an open minded approach. All is not as it seems! Thinking outside the box will help you on your way to stopping the crazy scientist. *Please note, this game is challenging and involves some reading and problem solving.