*Please note that this game does not contain violent or swearing scenes but may contain distressing images and material that some people may find upsetting. This is recommended for players aged 10+ but younger players are welcome if accompanied by an adult of 18+.

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PLAYERS – 2-6 (we would recommend at least 3 players)
DIFFICULTY – Medium This game’s difficulty is rated at 4/5. Please note that this game is not adjustable and is very interactive.
HINT TYPE – Radios (walkie talkie)
AGE – 10+
GENRE – Mystery, Thriller, Adventure

You are on holiday with your family and friends in a lovely log cabin tucked away deep in the forest, miles from the nearest soul. You decide to take a walk. Before you know it, you’re lost in the vast wilderness of the forest, surrounded by nothing but trees and darkness. As daylight slowly disappears, the sun sets and severe dehydration takes its toll on your body. You catch a glimmer of light breaking through the trees. In the distance, you see a mysterious castle and know that it’s your only chance. Are you finally safe? Unfortunately, luck is not on your side in whatever land you have stumbled upon. Are you able to withstand the fear of shadows lurking? The darkness is reaching out. Your only hope of escape is to defeat the Countess before the sun sets.


This live escape game is located on the ground floor with wheelchair access. There are no physical activities included in this game such as climbing, crawling or lifting, so it is suitable for everyone. Please contact a member of staff regarding any special requirements.


To defeat the evil Countess before the sun sets and darkness creeps in, leading you to a gruesome ending. This experience includes a combination of hidden objects and cryptic puzzles. To escape the room, players must keep an open mind because all is not as it seems. Thinking outside the box will help you on your way to solving the clues.