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Special Occasions

CyberQ Escape Rooms Birthday Parties
Special Occasions

Let us host your event

If you’re arranging a party in Worcester, CyberQ Live Escape games is the perfect venue. We cater for birthdays, anniversaries, stag and hen parties and any other special event. In contrast to a typical night out, our live escape games bring the whole party together. Each of you will play to your strengths so it’s fun for everyone. Work together to solve riddles and puzzles and escape the room!

Looking for somewhere in Worcester to host a birthday party for a teen or an adult? Our escape room games are perfect. Did you know we can provide a function room to accompany your live escape game experience? Simply speak to a member of staff when booking.

Every special occasion hosted at CyberQ will be tailored to your needs, creating a memorable experience suitable for all players. Does a member of your party have different access needs? Our Crazy Scientist II game is fully wheelchair accessible.

Did you know we can personalise an escape room especially for your party? If you’d like us to hide a birthday cake, proposal note, ring or secret message alongside a clue, just let us know.

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What we offer

Birthday Parties

  • Teenage and adult parties
  • Hide a cake
  • Themed event
  • Function room available

Stag and Hen Do’s

  • Fun for everyone
  • Hide a secret note or item
  • Bring the group together
  • Fun and weather friendly


  • We can hide a ring in the game
  • Include a secret note
  • Hide an anniversary cake
  • A memorable experience